"My Akita has ruined every collar he has had, including heavy, thick leather and nylon collars. That's about six collars in five years. His last collar ripped through the buckle when he was tied to a well built dog run. He saw a raccoon in the neighbors yard and ran full speed at it. The heavy leather collar he broke was well built, but there is no comparison to this one. This thing has hard-wear that could probably hold a dragon."


"I have had bullies for the past 20yr. Big heads, even bigger necks. They pull at each other by the collar and slip them off regularly so you need a thick and heavy duty collar to hold up to the abuse. Don't fall for the "military grade" collars being sold on Amazon. I went through them on a biweekly basis, there was NOTHING "military grade" about them. These collars, however, are absolutely amazing. No stretching, no breaking hardware, no slipping off. If you have a bully breed, this is your last collar you will ever buy."


"I bought this collar after my pit mix chewed up his 7th cheapy store bought collar. This is literally the best investment I have made for my pooch. The collar is sturdy and heavy nylon, with quality workmanship."


"I purchased the XXXL 2 inch wide collar for my 220 pound Great Dance/Saint Bernard mix."


"I purchased this collar after my large dog (~150 lbs) managed to rip though not one, but two, leather collars, as well as a lighter-weight nylon collar. He's not aggressive, but he REALLY likes to play with smaller dogs and drool on cats"


"I don't usually do reviews but this one is important to me. I HIGHLY recommend this collar for responsible pet owners who are searching for a dog collar to restrain their large breed dog. Our 2 year old 100 lb Anatolian Shepherd broke EVERY large breed dog collar we purchased at local retailers. The cheap over the counter collars were not designed to restrain XL breeds."