Collar Sizes

Let's Get the Right Size Collar for Your Dog!


Our collars come in 3 widths - 2 Inches, 1.5 Inches and 1.2 Inches.

2-Inch Collars||

This is the perfect collar for a big, heavy-set animal with a fairly thick neck. The extra width makes the collar a little stiff. Careful, up front and in person, these are some really substantial collars. This is THE collar for a BIG dog.

The size range runs only from Medium to XXXL.

1.5-Inch Collars||

The 1.5-Inch collar is also a 2-pin collar like the 2-Inch version, but definitely lighter and less stiff. This is a better collar for a (more) medium-sized animal, juveniles and breeds with more slender necks. 

The size range runs only from Small to XL.

1.2-Inch Collars||

The 1.2-Inch collar is ostensibly our "puppy" collar. They are a single-pin collar, pliable and light.  

The size range runs only from XS to Large.


How to select the perfect size for your dog|| 

1. Measure your dog's neck. How many inches do you get?

2. Now add 2 inches for comfort. You might want to add a bit more for really large collars (e.g., XXLs and XXXLs); for puppy collars (1.2s), maybe just an inch or so.

3. Finally, let's take that number and try to place it approximately in the middle of the size range. For example, if your dog's actual neck size is 19 inches, and we then add 2 inches, we get 21 inches. 21 Inches is right in the middle of the size range for the Mediums! Does that make sense?

Collar Size Chart|| 

XS | Total Length 21 Inches | Neck Sizes 15 to 19 Inches
Small | Total Length 23 Inches | Neck Sizes 17 to 21
Medium | Total Length 25 Inches | Neck Sizes 19 to 23 Inches
Large | Total Length 27 Inches | Neck Sizes 21 to 25 Inches
XL | Total Length 29 Inches | Neck Sizes 23 to 27 Inches
XXL | Total Length 31 Inches | Neck Sizes 25 to 29 Inches
XXXL | Total Length 33 Inches | Neck Sizes 27 to 31 Inches